Hugs Factory’s philosophy is to make the practical, sublime. Family has always been at the forefront of our philosophy. Our pieces are created to ensure engagement and involvement within the family, through incomparable innovative design. Our furniture, textiles and designs evoke a sense of cohesion within a family unit, and as functional everyday items within a home.

Born from a desire to create inspired children’s furniture, Hugs Factory has developed some of the most beautiful and innovative pieces in the world. Artisans who have crafted furniture for more than three decades continue the time-honoured tradition of painstakingly creating our beautiful children’s collection.

Starting as a family business, Italy’s Hugs Factory imparts innovation into each of its pieces. Not only is the furniture aesthetically stunning, easily slotting into a contemporary or classic setting, but many pieces are more than meets the eye.

Many of the furniture pieces have their own incredibly intuitive properties, that allow them to be stored or transported easily, and some even have the ability to be completely transformed into something else. And then something else again. Hugs Factory creates heirloom pieces of children’s furniture, to stand the test of time, and adapt with your children.

To complement the impressive range of furniture, Hugs Factory has developed a vast array of soft furnishings to adorn our beautiful pieces. Our unique eye for detail and edgy graphics give our furniture the perfect blend of classic and on-point styling.